Intelligent Shoe

NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber supports an extensive programme of research to develop and evaluate an Information Communication Technologies (ICT) enhanced Personalised Self-Management System with a specific focus on stroke rehabilitation. One of the key components of this work is an ‘intelligent shoe’ comprising a multi-sensored insole placed into the user’s shoes to measure and record an individual’s walking speed, distance, steps, symmetry and time spent walking with specifically adapted feedback screens for a mobile phone or tablet to motivate stroke survivors to self-manage their rehabilitation. NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber developed a collaborative agreement and non-disclosure document with a SME called Kinematix with whom the SMART consortium had worked on the development of the new prototype for stroke survivors.

The Intelligent shoe has been tested with five stroke survivors in their homes to use for up to one month. Results have indicated remarkable gains in specific metrics of gait including improvements in walking speed and heel strike. Furthermore, usability data suggests that providing the stroke survivors with feedback on their walking enables them to alter their gait patterns without the input of a therapist and importantly, carry out functional activities more independently. Testing also enabled the SME to make a new prototype, which includes a longer battery life, smaller equipment and easier access to feedback. We are now in the process of preparing for a larger randomised trial.

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