What’s the best way to help women manage weight after giving birth?

NICE Guidance recommends that research should focus on the most effective ways of helping women to manage weight following childbirth. Particularly those under 18 years of age, from low income, deprived and minority ethnic groups. There is a gap in the research about the most appropriate time to start weight management after childbirth and the best way to deliver this.

We know that this time after childbirth is a good time to start weight management, but as outlined above we don’t know the practicalities of how and when. 

This project, as part of the Public Health and Inequalities and Translating Knowledge into Action themes of the NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber, will interview the professionals who work in this complex area and work with women (who have given birth) to understand from both perspectives the best way to implement these sorts of weight reduction programmes.  Informing how new services might be designed and implemented.

For further details about this project contact daniel.wolstenholme@sth.nhs.uk