A new intervention for using the patient voice to improve patient safety, PRASE (Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment) has been developed by the Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group with funding from NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber. This intervention is based on the premise that patients can provide useful feedback about the safety of the care they receive and that wards can use this information, together with other locally gathered intelligence, to make improvements.  It is pioneering in being the first intervention for patient safety that is based on feedback from patients about the factors that contribute to patient safety (e.g. communication, equipment, staff roles and responsibilities, organisation and care planning).

With funding from the Health Foundation we are also exploring the wider implementation of the PRASE intervention and the use of the tools in the package across the region, investigating new ways of collecting the patient feedback e.g. using patient volunteers, medical students as part of their patient safety curriculum, and with the support of a mobile app.  This work is supported by the AHSN Improvement Academy in Yorkshire and Humber who are investigating how this feedback can be utilised in conjunction with other measures of ward safety, within broader improvement initiatives.