Shaping better practice through research: an integrated research competencies framework for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs). 

The NIHR CLAHRC YH Capacity Lead Jo Cooke has been working with the Council of Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR) to develop a research competencies framework for AHPs.  The competencies framework aims to provide some guidance to managers, and provide a structure to plan and implement research into clinical job planning and practice.

This project was based on findings and recommendations from the national mapping exercise on the research capacity support delivered by CLAHRC community (see Cooke et al 2016). The mapping report found that clinical managers had a limited knowledge of how to support AHPs wanting to pursue an applied research career, and recommended that the CLAHRC community should work more closely with the AHP professional bodies to support such career trajectories.  

Our project was jointly funded by NIHR CLAHRC YH and CAPHR. It involved integrating 19 research competencies frameworks across the full range of professional groups identified from the national and international literature, and from snowball sampling within the AHP professional networks. The content of these research frameworks were thematically coded and the first integrated framework presented to a consensus workshop of invited participants early in October 2018.  We aim to publish the final version of the integrated framework early in 2019, and will disseminate this via the CAPHR and CLAHRC communities. Find out more about our Capacity Building work here.