Summary of Workstream and How We Target Inequalities

A project to identify local authorities' health and wellbeing priorities was conducted by the Public Health and Inequalities theme of the NIHR CLAHRC YH. The research findings from a deep dive analysis and interviews across Yorkshire and Humber local authorities have highlighted priorities to support wider local authority staff and their partners around understanding health inequalities. A link to a presentation about the wider project can be accessed here.

Three workshops were delivered across Yorkshire and Humber by Dr Stephanie Prady, (the inequalities role in CLAHRC is now covered by Dr Sarwat Shah) with the aim of introducing health inequalities and considering the impact of local action on the wider determinants of health. You can see Stephanie’s presentation here .

Workshops were delivered to 89 delegates to allow consideration of health inequalities and to gain a deeper understanding that collaboration across all sectors is required to target, impact and reduce health inequalities.