Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs)

All of the NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber’s work with STPs involves evaluation linked to service quality improvement or redesign. Whilst much of our work is not necessarily formally included in the STP, there is close collaboration with these programmes and the STP development. For instance some initial projects within the Sheffield city Region Working Together Partnership Vanguard have already been brought into the STP. These new organisational models will necessarily become integrated into the STP as it is implemented.  The strength of the CLAHRC is in providing evaluation that is sensitive to the timelines and requirements of our partners.  We include 4 brief descriptions of ongoing work with the STPs in our region.

In recent developments CLAHRC YH has been approached by the AHSN YH to support their team evaluating the regional STPs.  This follows the development of a Yorkshire and Humber offer that was approved by the strategic partnership board and we are currently developing a MOU with the AHSN.

New Care Model Vanguard, Sheffield City Region Acute Care Collaboration (ACC):

Ongoing evaluation and development work with the WTP Vanguard integrating and coordinating acute services across the region. The first project being addressed is a managed clinical network for Weekend ENT specialist services.

New Care Model Vanguard, Harrogate New care model Primary and Acute Care systems (PACs):

Ongoing evaluation and development work with Harrogate and Rural District CCG and provider organisations, developing sustainable systems to integrate and coordinate primary, community and secondary care.  Projects currently being focused on are; Local Integrated Teams (LITs), Rapid Response (24 hour) service, Community-based step-up/down beds, increased use of pharmacists in primary care and integration of voluntary sector services. This work involves collaboration with University of York.

Regional cancer care:

Evaluation (completed) of living with and beyond cancer (LWBC) programme in Doncaster. This work informed the South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw & North Derbyshire Cancer Alliance Delivery Plan 2017/18 – 2020/21 (  The LWBC theme will form an important part of the new model. We are intending to respond to the invitation to provide the evaluation when the tender is issued.

Perfect Patient Pathway Test Bed:

We are providing the evaluation work stream for this health care technology test bed. Sir Andrew Cash (STH NHS F Trust) is the chair of the test bed board and is also leading the STP. The test bed programme will provide a significant contribution to the regional digital roadmap, and the organisation of health care technology within the STP.

Please contact Dr Steve Ariss NIHR CLAHRC YH Evaluation Lead with any queries regarding links to these projects.