Technology use in stroke

The NIHR CLAHRC YH TaCT theme are continuing to bring together academics, local and international innovative industrial partners, engineers, designers, clinicians, stroke survivors and carers to co-design, develop and implement new technologies to facilitate self-managed post-stroke rehabilitation. Our projects include:
  • Emego: We have quantified and compared stroke upper-limb muscle activity and function with the Action Research Arm Test (ARAT) and the Medical Research Council’s Oxford Grading Scale.
  • Upper Limb (UL) Sensor: We have used an off the shelf sensor to measure UL real-world UL movement over 96 hours with 30 chronic stroke survivors and 30 aged matched controls.
  • Action Research Arm Test (ARAT) modification: We have added an item to the ARAT that involves using both hands to complete a task and redesigned the test kit which has resulted in a test kit that is a third of the size of the original and four times lighter (12kg to 3kg).