The Divide

The Divide is a feature documentary film from director Katharine Round and Dartmouth Films, inspired by Dr Kate Pickett’s (NIHR CLAHRC YH Inequalities lead) research, with Professor Richard Wilkinson, on how income inequality creates health and social problems. The film brings the statistical analyses to life, telling the stories of 7 individuals trying to cope with the damage caused by inequality in in the UK and USA - where the top 0.1% own as much wealth as the bottom 90%.  

The film shows how profoundly we are all affected by the gap between rich and poor. The Evening Standard described the film as ‘jaw dropping stuff’ and New Scientist ‘a fascinating social portrait’. As well as public screenings, the film has been shown to think tanks and charities to increase awareness of the research at a policy level. It’s also being used as a teaching tool in universities. The Divide is an example of the multiple ways we can tell the stories of research findings. Film, especially in this digital age, reaches different, and much larger, audiences than research papers and books.

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