CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber Project Films

This video is an introduction to the Yorkshire Health Study.  The YHS is a regional, longitudinal health study collecting health information on the residents of the Yorkshire and Humber region in England. The studies first wave of recruitment in 2010-12 contains records on 27,806

individuals age 16-85 from the South Yorkshire region, with study coverage now expanding to the wider Yorkshire and Humber region as its continues into its second wave of recruitment (2013-15).

The Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), Improvement Academy (IA) is working with the Yorkshire Quality & Safety Research team to support staff from hospital Trusts in the region to work with the PRASE intervention.  PRASE is designed to support the collection and interpretation of patient feedback around safety in order to make improvements.

The project is supported by NIHR CLAHRC YH

Standing desks video: A Feasibility trial of the ‘Stand out in class’ intervention which aims to use height adjustable desks to reduce children’s sedentary time is being undertaken by researchers from the Healthy Children, Healthy Families theme of NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber.

A short film about work undertaken by NIHR CLAHRC YH exploring the implementation of a technology in palliative care in Sheffield. The EnCOMPASS project working with St Lukes Hospice and Sensory Technologies.

About CLAHRC videos

Many things we do in healthcare to improve safety, such as the introduction of new guidelines and technologies require NHS staff to change their behaviour. It is often assumed that this is easy – tell people what to do and they will do it.But, behaviour change can be difficult to achieve. In this work we help healthcare teams to Achieve Behaviour Change by applying tried and tested theories from Psychology.  The work of the NIHR CLAHRC YH is building on this work.

PiP video
Researchers from the HCHF theme of NIHR CLAHRC YH have conducted a pilot RCT of the ‘Pre-schoolers in the playground’ physical activity intervention

A short film about the work being undertaken on the SMART Stroke project.  The

SMART Stroke project is led by Professor Sue Mawson and the smart shoe technology has been developed by Kinematix.

This video is an introduction to an AHRC funded project to undertake a review of
practice of design and creative practices in health.  The project was supported by NIHR CLAHRC YH through the Translating Knowledge into practice theme.