In our annual brochures we have presented impacts in the following three key domains: 

Health: By health, we mean the impact our work has on patients, the public, services, policy and practice that directly affects the health of the population of Yorkshire and Humber and beyond.

Wealth: By wealth, we mean the impact our collaboration can have through working with industry, improving or informing cost effectiveness, and improving the health of the workforce. This is alongside the direct investment that attracting research money into the
region brings.

Science: By science, we mean the impact the research and project teams have on the way we do research. Pioneering and developing new methodologies (ways of doing research) and new theories to explain the way health services work.

We have produced a final brochure demonstating a snapshot of the substantial work undertaken across the region and how our work has impacted in these areas. 

To ensure that our work is accessible we have also produced a series of films highlighting a case study from each of our Themes.  The message of the film is to demonstrate that NIHR CLAHRC YH has:
  • been a collaboration
  • is more than the sum of its parts
  • made a difference to people across Yorkshire and Humber
  • produced high quality research
The film has an introduction and a final message which summarises the work we have carried out over the last five years. Watch all our films here 

NIHR CLAHRC YH Introduction

NIHR CLAHRC YH Impact and Legacy

Our e-repository is a collection of actionable research tools developed by researchers to help address the challenges of translating research into practice. Our TK2A theme has overseen the repository, using their expertise in knowledge mobilisation to work with researchers across CLAHRC. Developing tools for use by clinicians, managers, commissioners, patients, educationalists and other researchers. The tools have been co-developed with end users to ensure their relevance and acceptability.

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