Industry Briefing

This briefing showcases not only our ways of working with industry partners but also how we are having an impact locally and nationally. The CLAHRC Vision is to understand health care and health service needs and how they can be addressed and transformed by digital technologies as we strive to achieve the three key aims
of the NHS safety, quality and cost effective care (Delivering the benefits of Digital Health Care 2016)

The new Government Green paper ‘Building Our Industry Strategy’ January 2017
government/consultations/ building-our-industrial-strategy clearly identifies that a ‘modern
industrial strategy is a critical part of our plan for post-Brexit
Britain’ suggesting ‘a fairer society where wealth and opportunity are spread across every
community in the United Kingdom not just the most prosperous places in London and the South East’. The
Green paper proposes investment in science, research and innovation across all sectors through a new
‘Industry Strategy Challenge fund’.

This view of a need to invest in applied health services and public health research in the populations most affected by disease burden and social deprivation was voiced recently in a letter entitled ‘shaping the future of NIHR’ from Professor Chris Whitty and Dr Louise
Wood, with a clear view to balance NIHR research and  innovation resources across the country.

Both policy initiatives support the vision of our NIHR CLAHRC in Yorkshire and Humber where we have, for many years, sought to address health inequalities and the significant burden of chronic disease populations through the integration of new innovative digital
technologies and in partnership with the medical technology sector. 

Our success and impact in this area is evidenced both by external evaluations, and also by ongoing feedback from the National Institute for
Health Research (NIHR), which has commended us on our partnerships with patients, the public and industry.

I am confident that our work with new and emerging technology, is helping us to address the chronic disease burden and social deprivation that is our Industrial Heritage legacy.

Professor Sue Mawson
Director, NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber

Lord Willis and Professor Sue Mawson 
launch the Industry Briefing at our 
NIHR CLAHRC YH Strategic Partnership Board 09/03/2017