Recent Publications from NIHR CLAHRC YH
Taylor J, Siddiqi N. Improving health outcomes for adults with severe mental illness and comorbid diabetes: is supporting diabetes self-management the right approach? J Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs [Internet]. 2016 Jun [cited 2016 Jul 20];23(5):322–30. Available from: PMID: 27307263 

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Powell-Hoyland V, Homer C, Cronin De Chavez A, Tod AM, Nelson P, Stocks AJ. Cold Snaps -children’s health in a cold, damp home: influencing policy and practice. People, Place Policy People, Place Policy J Compil. 2016;10(11):57–76. 

Lomas J, Schmitt L, Jones S, McGeorge M, Bates E, Holland M, et al. A pharmacoeconomic approach to assessing the costs and benefits of air quality interventions that improve health: a case study. BMJ Open [Internet]. 2016 Jun 21 [cited 2016 Jul 12];6(6):e010686. Available from: PMID: 27329439PMCID: PMC4916570 

Peckham E, Bradshaw TJ, Brabyn S, Knowles S, Gilbody S. Exploring why people with SMI smoke and why they may want to quit: baseline data from the SCIMITAR RCT. J Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs [Internet]. 2016 Jun [cited 2016 Jul 12];23(5):282–9. Available from: PMID: 26147943 

Gascoyne S, Hughes E, McCann E, Quinn C. The sexual health and relationship needs of people with severe mental illness. J Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs [Internet]. 2016 Jun [cited 2016 Jul 12];23(5):338–43. Available from: PMID: 27307265 

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